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Beautiful glass earrings made in St Ives, by the St Ives Glass Studio. We hand make every single bead one at a time in the flame, using the finest glass rods from the island of Murano. Once made the beads are slowly cooled in a digitally controlled kiln to strength anneal the glass and then carefully cleaned and inspected. We then make the beads up into jewellery using only high quality sterling silver findings. You can see us making the beads and the jewellery everyday in our studio in the centre of St Ives, Cornwall.

Our Storm at Sea Earrings features a turbulent mix of green and blue glass at the top balanced with a creamy ivory base. A trail of real silver wire echoes a path of footsteps across a sea washed beach. This seascape is very reminicent of the beautiful St Ives coastline, just a stone's throw away from the studio . Each bead measures approximately 15mm across and they are finished off with sterling silver ear hooks.

Please note that as our beads are all handmade there will be some slight differences between individual pieces. The photo shown is a typical design rather than the actual piece that will be sent. The design is the same on both sides of the bead so that if the earrings flip over while wearing the same design can be seen.

UK: £3.50 Europe: £4.00 Rest of the World: £6.00 Additional delivery charges may apply.

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